At Emerald City Gymnastics Academy, we understand that you may have a lot of questions and we’re here to answer all of them. We want you to trust us to take amazing care of your child and help him or her grow socially, emotionally and intellectually while having a whole lot of fun. We hope that the answers we provide to the following FAQs offer all of the information you need. If not, please feel free to contact us at 425-861-8772.



Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on how to get started with Emerald City Gymnastics Academy!

Registration may be done in person, via email at, or by calling the gym at 425-861-8772.

Anytime! Our classes are continuous rather than session based.

In lieu of a free trial, your first class is free and tuition is prorated accordingly. If you feel like the class may not be a good fit, let us know to avoid any unnecessary charges.

Payments are done through our Parent Portal. Please contact the gym if you are having trouble logging in.

While we cannot guarantee availability in the classes, we certainly do try to accommodate requests. We understand that different students respond differently to different teaching style and we want what’s best for your child. Instructors do change classes and levels from time to time, however, all our class instructors use the same lesson plans and should be teaching awesome classes all the time!

When room permits, we accept drop ins for our High School/Adult tumbling classes. Please call in advance to inquire as those classes are usually full.

Yes, we do. Please call the office at 425-861-8772 to schedule.

ABSOLUTELY! You are welcome to stay and watch we just ask that parents stay in the viewing areas at all times, and that siblings and other children not in a class be closely supervised. We also kindly ask that you not “coach” your child from the sides, and respect the coach/student relationships we are trying to create.

If your child is under the age of 3 years old, we request that a parent stay in the building during his/her class. If your child needs assistance using the bathroom, a parent or guardian must also stay. All other students do not need a parent present but we do remind you that there is late fee for late pick up after 15 minutes or more.

Because ECGA runs classes year round, your class enrollment will continue indefinitely until you withdraw from our program.

Our class program is designed to teach the basics of gymnastics along with strength and flexibility in a fun environment. We break down skills into progressive steps and use safe equipment. Our goal is to develop happy, healthy and confident children.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on proper attire.

Students must wear clothes that are non-restrictive and free of buttons and zippers. Long hair must be pulled back off the face. Bare feet are preferred for easy traction. Leotards for girls are highly recommended.

We require all hair to be pulled back from the face and in a ponytail for safety reasons. We want to ensure safety every time your student steps foot onto the gymnastics floor. Loose long hair can momentarily obscure vision, can get caught in the instructor’s hands while spotting a skill, and can create a hazard when upside down.

Emerald City Gymnastics Academy proudly sells Destira, Snowflake, Plum, Pelle, GK and Dare Devil leotards. Please visit our Pro Shop for a wide variety of leotards, shorts, ECGA Apparel, grips, tape and more!


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on schedules, such as snow days, missed classes and more!

Our front desk team would be happy to adjust your class schedule for you. If class options are not available, you may put your name on a wait list.

We offer classes year round and our scheduled closures are listed on our calendar and policies, as well as posted in a timely manner in the facility. We do close two weeks a year for maintenance and one weekend a year for extensive staff training.

Emerald City Gymnastics Academy follows the Lake Washington School District for all inclement weather closures. If school is on late start, our morning classes will be canceled. Afternoon classes are canceled when school is closed for the day.

All Developmental and Team athletes MUST communicate all absences with their coaching staff. Preschool and Rec class students do not have to call in.

Once enrolled your child holds that spot and it must be paid for in full. The monthly rate is determined based on the entire calendar year and charged monthly. Some months your child may have three classes, some four, some five but price will always stay the same.

Emerald City Gymnastics Academy offers one free Open Gym a month in exchange of any missed class that month. There are no makeups for those enrolled in Developmental or Team programs. You must preregister for the Open Gym and we require that they be done within the month of the missed class or forfeited. Student must be currently enrolled to do a make up. Missed Open Gyms may not be rescheduled.

Most of our classes are full and we strictly adhere to our teacher/student ratios.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on levels and competitive gymnastics.

Once your child has achieved all the skills required to move up to the next level, their instructor will suggest signing up for a skill evaluation. Our skill evaluations are scheduled through the office and are coach recommended only. If you are curious where your child stands, feel free to speak with his/her instructor. Our move-up skill requirements are posted in the lobby area.

Emerald City Gymnastics Academy is one of the premier programs in the North West. We compete USA Gymnastics Women’s and Men’s Artistic gymnastics as well as Women’s Xcel.

If your child is interested in competitive gymnastics, please advise their instructor or speak to Sandy Flores who is at the gym daily! If you are coming from another program or from out of State and want to inquire about the team programs, Sandy can be reached at 206-919-5672 and will be able to answer all questions and arrange for a trial if appropriate.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on our cancellation and withdraw policies.

Simply fill out the short withdrawal form available at the front office and submit it at least two weeks to your prior last class. Please remember that your children will be automatically enrolled from month to month until we receive a 2 week written notice.

Due to the popularity of our program, there is typically a long list of children that are waiting to fill your spot. This advance notice allows us the time we need to make the necessary adjustments.

While we cannot guarantee that there will be place in your desired spot, we will do everything we can to work with your schedule and preferences. For this reason, we highly recommend that you remain enrolled if you are only going to miss a few weeks.